Here is a collection of projects I made.


  • Upload S3 Service: a service to upload file to a AWS S3 Bucket using NodeJS, ExpressJs and TypeScript.

  • Send Email Service: as his name guide, it’s a service that allows you to send Emails. In short it’s a Lambda function that sends Emails using AWS SES.

  • Fashion Style: Fashion style is and platform for sales online that that is bootstrapped with Create React App, using Redux, Bootstrap and Strippe.js.

  • FocusTimer: it’s a cutomized Pomodoro Clock.Available available on linux, windows, chrome extension and as web application.

  • Native calculator: simple calculator in React Native.

  • URL-shortener-Microservice: a microservice that generates a short url for given url.

  • Metric-converter: a microservice that allows you to convert kg(kilograms),l(liters), km(kilometers) to lbs(pounds), gal(gallons), mi(mile) respectively.

  • Quote-machine: An application that generates a random quote on click, its executable is generated with ElectronJS .

  • Issues-tracker: a microservice that allows developers to manage issues.

  • Heat-map: A data visualization application for temperatures.

  • Bar-chart: A data visualization for United States GDP.